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HMRC filing

Businesses in the UK are required to file their financial data in Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format with HMRC, as per the guidelines set by the regulator. HMRC has mandated that all tax returns and financial statements need to be submitted in iXBRL format for accounting periods ending after March 2010 and accounts filed after March 2011. DataTracks helps companies and accounting firms convert financial statements and tax computations in iXBRL format, enabling them to successfully file Corporation Tax returns with HMRC. Read more...


DataTracks provides regulatory reporting solutions for investment firms, banks and insurance companies. We provide single platform solutions like Solvency II, CRD IV, AIFMD, MiFID II, FATCA, etc., for multiple regulations. Read more...

IFRS filing with SEC

SEC has recently mandated XBRL for all the Foreign Private Issuers who are using IFRS for preparing their financial statements. DataTracks can help Foreign Private Issuers to prepare XBRL documents as per IFRS for filing with SEC. For further information please visit our US website.

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Why DataTracks


Assurance backed by preparing more than 60,000 iXBRL files. We work with you till your successful filing with HMRC, at no additional cost.

Easy of Use
Ease of Use

Our user-friendly and secure online portal enables you to navigate at ease and upload your documents for iXBRL conversion.

Data Security
Data Security

All your data is well protected in a high quality firewall enabled data centre in the UK and certified for Information security (ISO 27001:2013)

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Our services offer compelling cost benefits. The pricing is flexible based on number of pages and turnaround time.

About Us

We are a global leader in the preparation of financial statements in XBRL and iXBRL formats for filing with regulators across the globe. With a track record over 14 years, DataTracks has prepared over 60,000 iXBRL statements for filing with HMRC in the United Kingdom.

Our customers which include 7 of Top 10 Accounting Firms in the UK choose us for our quality, reliability, security, affordability and ease of use. We are honed by preparing more than 172,000 compliance reports in XBRL, iXBRL, and EDGAR formats. DataTracks facilitates organisations across the globe to conform to multiple regulations and has strong footprints in Europe, USA, Asia, and South Africa, serving over 17,000+ clients with compliance reports to the HMRC in the UK, Revenue in Ireland, various EU regulators (EIOPA, ESMA, etc.,), SEC in the US, ACRA in Singapore, MCA in India and CIPC in South Africa.

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