Mandatory Disclosure Reporting (MDR) DAC 6 – PART 2

    In our last blog of the series, the first, we had outlined some of the basic rules involved in the mandatory disclosure reporting. In continuation of the same information, in this blog, we delve into the details of … Continue reading

Statutory Disclosure Reporting – DAC 6: An overview

    Issues and Challenges in Statutory Disclosure Reporting – DAC 6 The European Union has made it a pre-requisite for applicants to submit data in order to qualify for statutory disclosure of information with the regulatory authorities. However, there … Continue reading

Taxing, no more! AI and Robotics eases compliance processes

  Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to become more prevalent in the functioning of businesses and economies around the globe. In the past five years, it has revolutionized many industries and facets of economic proliferators like for instance, the world … Continue reading

Voluntary filing: Country- by- Country Reporting (CbCR)

    The rules framed under the UK use many terminologies, part of the OECD guidance.It is of utmost importance, therefore, to refer and review this guidance, while filling a CbCR. Entities of a MNE group may choose to submit a … Continue reading

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