European Commission proposes to clarify the meaning of pre-marketing under AIFMD

In March 2018, the European Commission released a proposal to amend the AIFM directive in order to provide further clarity as to what constitutes pre-marketing. The proposal, if accepted, should be adopted in May 2019, and should then be implemented … Continue reading

Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018

The Eurofiling XBRL Week 2018 recently took place in Warsaw, Poland, between 28 and 30 May 2018. The conference is jointly organised by Eurofiling and XBRL Europe. Eurofiling has been around since 2005, and seeks to encourage collaboration around European … Continue reading

The ESMA Mandate: Impact of iXBRL and ESEF for listed companies in the EU

Digitisation is the norm everywhere; including the agenda from European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), pushing for better utilisation of technology in reporting and compliance. The goal being to ensure listed companies within the EU are preparing their annual financial … Continue reading

Purchasing regulatory software? The 7 things that should be on your checklist

MiFID II, and its accompanying regulation MiFIR, going into effect in January 2018, improved transparency for investors, but at the same time, greatly increased the burden for firms on the reporting front. In addition, the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation … Continue reading

AIFMD: Investor Ownership, Classification & Liquidity
  •   28 Oct, 2015  Posted By Gopi P Dhamodaran   Posted in AIFMD
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Investor Ownership, Classification & Liquidity: Reporting for Alternative Investments under Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) requires the funds to report various investor-related questions; Top 5 investors’ aggregate percentage (or %) holding in the fund Ownership by investor group type … Continue reading

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) & Risk Management
  •   28 Aug, 2015  Posted By Gopi P Dhamodaran   Posted in AIFMD
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Alternative Investments form one of the investment vehicles that provide high returns to the investors, but at high risk. The risk in alternative investments is driven by factors such as: type of instruments, type of industry/sector, region in which investments … Continue reading

AIFMD Complexity in Reporting
  •   27 Jul, 2015  Posted By Gopi P Dhamodaran   Posted in AIFMD
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AIFMD Annex IV reporting data can be classified into: Static data such as name of the fund house, name of the fund, legal entity code etc. Calculated data such as Asset under Management (or AuM), geographical focus, concentration of assets, … Continue reading

Asset Under Management (AuM) & Liquidity
  •   08 Jun, 2015  Posted By Gopi P Dhamodaran   Posted in AIFMD
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Asset under Management (AUM), portfolio liquidity and investor liquidity are critical yardsticks to measure the fund’s performance. Regulators require fund managers to disclose these information in their regulatory report in order to ensure more transparency in the market and to … Continue reading

Regulatory Reporting For Alternative Investment – (AIFMD)
  •   29 May, 2015  Posted By Gopi P Dhamodaran   Posted in AIFMD
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The European Union (EU) has commenced regulations for Alternative Investments managed or marketed in the European Economic Area (or EEA). The reporting obligation shall depend upon the Asset under Management (or AuM) of the fund marketed or managed in the … Continue reading

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